I specialize in accompanying expatriates, helping them adapt to their new reality.

You can benefit from my help through two possibilities : Helping Relationship Therapy and Walk and Talk.

» Helping Relationship Therapy

We enter therapy for a wide variety of reasons, but all of us seek help because we are trying to find a better way to deal with the reality we are facing. I am a certified Relationship Therapist and I work with the CNDA way. I can help you getting to know yourself better in order to be able to exist in relationships with other people in a way that is more authentic, that goes more in line with your own objectives.

Therapy goals :

  • Talk about your emotions and reactions in a safe environment
  • Learn to know, understand and accept yourself better—» your fears, your true needs and ressources
  • Develop the attitude to come back to the «here and now»
  • Improve your relationship to yourself and to others

I listen without judging. I will help you find your inner compass and the authentic strength and potential within you.

Therapy is also available on SKYPE.

Certified by the Montreal Counselling Centre (CRAM)

Member of AETRA

The CNDA way :

The Creative Non Directive Approach®, established in Canada, is centered on a therapist-client relationship. This evolving method seeks to balance and harmonize body, mind and emotions. 

The non directive part is a Rogerian non directivity : Each person has their own solutions, but in order to find these solutions, they have to know themselves better, they have to know their needs better. And that’s what the creative part is, because every single person is different

“This approach does not emphasize resolving problems, but rather focuses on the subject himself, as a person, and is designed to give him the opportunity of getting to know himself, of conquering his inner world, of freeing himself from the burden of repressed emotions, of fulfilling his creative potential and thus regaining control over his life.”

Excerpt From: Colette Portelance. “The CNDA Way.” iBooks.

» Walk and talk

» About me

2016-2018 Advanced Training, Montreal Counselling Centre (CRAM EIF), Paris

2012-2015 Graduated from the Montreal Counselling Centre (CRAM), Montreal

2010 Master of Science in Education (M.A), Comparative Education and Foundations of Education, Université de Montréal.

2002 Bachelor of Education. Université Laval, Quebec.

» To make an appointment

Geneviève Beaulieu

Master of Education

CNDA Relationship TherapistMD  

individual Counselling


Universitätsstrasse 16

91054 Erlangen

Cost per session  :  70 euros

The simplest is by email : gbeaulieu.tra@gmail.com

Phone : +49 (0) 176 36770798

I also work via videoconference : SKYPE, ZOOM, MESSENGER, FACETIME, etc…